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College Saving

The Right Plan

Education takes research. It’s a funny statement but it is true. The rate of increase in college costs is staggering, and there is no foreseeable end to it. Planning for those increases may not be a simple task. A combination of solutions may be appropriate.

Florida Pre-Paid College Fund

Locking in the price of tuition is one way to help manage the costs of college. The Florida Pre-Paid College Fund may be an option worth looking into. Please contact the Florida Pre-Paid College Fund for more information.

College Savings Plans

Tuition is not the only expense you can expect when the kids go off to school. Books, fees, computers, supplies, transportation, and the list never seems to end. College savings plans provide an outstanding opportunity to save money through a tax free investment, providing that the money withdrawn from the account is used for qualified educational expenses. If your investment grows even beyond your expected expenses, you can name yourself, a family member, or the kid down the street as a beneficiary.

Ask us about an education savings plan.