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Disability Insurance

Why do I need disability insurance?

Your income is your key to so many things. The basics like food and shelter, but also medical care, education, transportation, and the list goes on. A total loss of income would be devastating to most people.

Where do I begin?

Long term disability begins coverage after 6 months of injury or incapacitation. This means that for 180 days, you’re on your own. An emergency fund is your first line of defense. 3 months of income is a good start, but 6 months is ideal.

How much disability insurance will I need to purchase?

Most policies will offer coverage of 60% of your working income. The second variable is the number of years of coverage.  This can vary from 1 to life in some cases.  We will review your needs with you to help determine the amount of coverage that is right for your situation.

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